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Automatic Rollin Band – EP-Recording

Recording, mixing and mastering of The Automatic Rollin Band.

New project „Pescatoria“

Stadt aus Draht – Radiosession

Live-Session in Studio 1 at Radio Z in Nuernberg.

About Simon – Shortfilm

Sounddesign for this amazing 3D-animationfilm!

80% of the sounds had been specially recorded for this film or were taken out of my own fieldrecording-archive.

- Film is not online yet. -

For pictures and infos:

Lentävä Tyttö – Shortfilm

Another very nice animation-film from 2004 made by Felicitas Heydenreich, Daniel Hofman and Nina Pfeifenberger.
Sounddesign done by me. Wonderful music done by Betty Mugler.

Lentävä Tyttö from aninacion on Vimeo.

Simons Ranch – Shortfilm

A older shortfilm from maybe 2006 from Tina Eckhoff.
Sounddesign, foleys and music-conception. Music composed by Betty Mugler and Robin van Velzen.

Maxon – Official Cineware Trailer

The experiment became reality and the logo-sound of the experimental video is now the Maxon-sound!

Experimental video:

MAXON CINEMA 4D Redesign from einmalich.com //Ingo Walde on Vimeo.

Offical trailer:

Mailingtage 2013

Sounddesign for a little Commercial-Trailer for the Mailingtage 2013.
CGI by Claus Winter


here a little making-of:

and here the final version: